"Run Devil Run"
Run Devil Run
Single by Girls' Generation
from Run Devil Run
Released: March 17, 2010
Format: Digital
Recorded: January 2010
Genre: Dance-pop, Electropop
Language: Korean
Length: 03:21
Label: S.M. Entertainment, Nayutawave Records
Producer: busbee, Alex James, Kalle Engstrom
Girls' Generation singles chronology

Run Devil Run is the lead single (eighth overall) from the repackaged album version of Oh!, titled as Run Devil Run by the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.

Currently, the single is included in Superstar SMTown.


The song has been noted to use the schaffel beat.

Music Video

The music video for Run Devil Run was released on March 18. They also released a story version on March 31, 2010.

  • Original Video

The original video contains two settings: a white room and a black room. Throughout the video, there are scenes of the girls dancing in these rooms, and there are individual close-ups of their own unique Black SoShi looks. At the end of the video, the girls are shown in the black room, after which the video ends similar to a TV shutting off.

  • Japanese Version

On April 8, 2011, the teaser video for a Japanese version of Run Devil Run was released and the full video the following day. On April 25, 2011, a dance version was released. Lisette Bustamante provided choreography for the videos.

The video is similar to the Korean version, except for altered dance moves and outfits. The music video begins with a blue room, after, it was changed to white, with the members dancing, in white outfits, like the Korean version, Then, changes the scenes, to a blue room what shows the girls dancing in blue outfits, the girls can be shown wearing different "Black SoShi" outfits. The first of two settings used in the music video is a white room with the members in white outfits. At the first chorus, glimpses of the second setting, a dark room with the members in fitting outfits, are shown. During the second chorus full scenes in this setting are shown.

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