"Only One"
Only One single cover
Single by BoA
from Only One
Released: February 27, 2013
Format: CD-Only, CD+DVD, USB, Digital Download
Recorded: 2012; S.M. Studios
Genre: K-Pop, R&B
Language: Korean
Length: 1:47 (in-game)
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Producer: Lee Soo Man
BoA singles chronology
Geulon Neo (Disturbance)
Tail of Hope

"Only One" is a song by South Korean singer BoA which is available in Superstar SMTOWN. It is the lead track of BoA's album with the same name, released on July 22, 2012; the song itself, instead, was released on February 27, 2013.

Superstar SMTOWN Group Theme


Only One is the second song that appears in the tracklist. It is preceeded by Diner (단골식당) and succeeded by Spellbound (수리수리).


Official Music Video

BoA 보아 Only One Music Video (Dance ver04:01

BoA 보아 Only One Music Video (Dance ver.)


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