Single by Girls' Generation
from Mr.Mr.
Released: February 28, 2014
Format: Digital
Recorded: 2013; S.M. Studio
Genre: K-Pop, R&B-Pop
Language: Korean
Length: 03:56
Label: S.M. Entertainment, KT Music
Producer: The Underdogs
Girls' Generation singles chronology
I Got a Boy
Catch Me If You Can

"Mr.Mr." is a lead single from Mr.Mr., the fourth studio extended play by South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.


The concept for "Mr.Mr." was described to be a "classy, mystery girl" rather than "sexy". S.M. Entertainment stated, "We're going to show a transformation that only Girls' Generation can show." The dance for the title song "Mr.Mr." is choreographed by choreographer Jillian Meyer, who has worked with Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, and Kylie Minogue.


"Mr.Mr." was considered by Time to be one of the "Top 25 Best Songs of 2014". Journalist Lily Rothman wrote, "Fans of K-pop juggernaut Girls' Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) won't be disappointed by their latest dance-friendly single, and the addition of a scratchy electronic bass line and a hint of darkness should even attract listeners who don't dig their usual bubblegum sound.

Music Video

  • Background

While the music video for Mr. Mr. was being edited, some of the footage was lost due to the file becoming damaged. Thus, even though Girls' Generation originally planned to release Mr. Mr. and its music video on February 19, it was released on February 28 instead after some of the scenes were re-filmed. Their comeback schedule was also delayed for two weeks, and they had their first comeback performance on Mnet's M!Countdown on March 6.

  • Synopsis

The music video starts with operating equipment such as drugs, breathing masks, and the girls holding up injection shots. The guy is not brave enough to confess to the girl he likes and seems cold even when he is close to the girls. He had a cardiac acute heart disease. Therefore, he is going to do surgery. The girls give him some anesthetic drug and that is why the guy's vision becomes blurred. The member of the group is on blurred vision, and then remembers memory about them on that black and white scene. He also dreams about why he is still cold to the girls. The girls pretend as male doctors and then they operate him, changing his heart so that he can be brave enough to confess. The operation became successful and when he wakes up, he had a vision of a lovely girls like he used to think before.


Mr.Mr. is the first song from Mr.Mr. and is the second Girls' Generation song the player encounters.

Superstar SMTown- Mr01:50

Superstar SMTown- Mr. Mr (Hard) Full Combo

(Gameplay by YouTube user: Rav Ho)

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