"Into The New World"
Single by Girls' Generation
from 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation)
Released: August 2, 2007
Format: CD-single, Digital
Recorded: 2007
Genre: Dance-pop
Language: Korean
Length: 04:25
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Producer: Lee Soo-Man
Girls' Generation singles chronology
Girls' Generation

Into The New World is the debut single by the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.

Currently, the single is included in Superstar SMTown.

Music Video

The music video features a small amount of dance scenes. The video starts with a plane landing, followed by a silhouette of the girls forming a line and then dancing. During this, text appears saying “Into the New World, Or Not.. It’s Up to Your Choice.. [sic]”. Throughout the music video, it shows the girls doing activities, either alone or coupled with another member. The activities done by the girls are:

Yoona is designing clothes for a boutique. Taeyeon is flying a light aircraft with Sooyoung accompanying her. In the video, the light aircraft Taeyeon flies is broken, and she attempts to repair it, with Sooyoung praying. The light aircraft is successfully repaired and both of them are happy. In the last part of this scene, Sooyoung is seen chasing Taeyeon's light aircraft. Yuri is a barista, and she is seen making a latte. In one scene, she puts a pot of flowers onto a desk. Hyoyeon is purchasing a pair of white training shoes at a department store, after which she dances on a stairway. Sunny and Jessica are making graffiti. The graffiti says "New World 2007". Tiffany is repairing a scooter (specifically, a Yamaha Fino 115) and repaints its body with pink color with flower motif and customizing its license plate. The customized license plate says "Tiffany" with the hanja version of Girls' Generation above it. Seohyun is doing ballet while holding a paper plane, on the rooftop of a building. There are two dance settings featured in the video. The first one is a room with a white background, and the second one is a lobby of a shopping mall.

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