Headphones are the currency in SSM used to play individual songs. 
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Your headphones can be found on the top side of the screen.

Obtaining Headphones

Each player is given 30 headphones when they first begin the game. Headphones are charged every 5 minutes, with a maximum amount of 5 headphones being allowed to charge. If a player receives headphones from league or event rewards, they can still hold these headphones even if they already have 5 in their inventory. 

Headphone League Rewards

Headphones can also be obtained through league rewards. Moving up a position in your league will gift you one headphone per position moved. You can also obtaining headphones if you fall in your league. If another player in your league passes your position, you are gifted one headphone per position surpassed.

Headphone Challenge Rewards

Upon the successful completion of a challenge , along with RP and card rewards, one headphone is also obtained.

Purchasing Headphones


In game headphone shop

Additionally, headphones can be purchased with diamonds in the game's shop. Prices are as followed:

  • 10 Headphones - 5 diamonds
  • 20 Headphones - 10 diamonds
  • 40 Headphones - 20 diamonds
  • 70 Headphones - 30 diamonds
  • 120 Headphones - 50 diamonds
  • 275 Headphones - 100 diamonds