'Group' Menu.

By pressing the 'Group' button, it helps us find the artist and the song easier. 

Currently, the game has 31 groups (including solo artists, bands, sub-groups, and SMTOWN).

The 'Group' button also shows the number of songs with the total number of stars.

Groups represented in the game include:


Card Detail

Chanyeol S card.

Cards are used in the game to get more points by powering up and upgrading.

There are 5 levels: C, B, A, S and R. (Currently, R99 is the highest)

Every card contains:

  • Score bar: In the number from 1 to 100, (mostly starts from 12 with a single C1 card.) shows you how many points the card gets on every tap when you play a song (the cards will get the same score as each until they reach R1)
  • Health bar: Mostly starts from 12, the higher the score, the higher the chance to reveal the Rave bar in the game faster if you miss a note.
  • Theme: Artist's/Groups' Era.
  • Rave Level: Depends on how many cards are there in one group have the same theme.

Artist's information is also given in the card. (Includes: Birthday, First Broadcast Day, and Debut Work.)

  • ===POWER UP===
Power Up

Power up Luna card.

Use the un-equipped cards from C to R to power up.

The amount of rhythm points to power up is from 500 to 53400.

Chance of success depends on your card's stars.

For more details, click this link.

  • ===UPGRADE===
    Upgrade Card

    Upgrading a card requires you 2 full 5 stars cards.

Use 2 cards (Make sure that the material card is un-equipped with the same level) to upgrade.

A more detailed upgrading guide can be found here.


(Currently Updated: September 2017).


Screenshot 2016-02-02-12-39-09

There are three main factors that affect the way score is calculated: cards, note accuracy, and rave bonuses. Note accuracy is the simpler of the two, as it relies on a halving system for each tier of accuracy; shiny perfect gives you the full amount allowed by that card, perfect gives you 1/2 of the total, and good gives you 1/4. Thus, getting a high amount of shiny perfects increases your score significantly.

Cards affect score in two main ways, through their score indicator and group rating bonus. (incomplete)

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