Girls On Top
Studio Album by BoA
Released: June 24, 2005
Recorded: 2005
Genre: K-Pop
Language: Korean
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Producer: Lee Soo-Man
BoA chronology
My Name
Hurricane Venus

Girls On Top is the fifth Korean studio album by BoA.

Currently, there are two songs from the album included in Superstar SMTOWN.


Bold track titles means the track is currently playable.

  1. "Moto"
  2. "둘이 함께 (Do You Love Me?)"
  3. "Girls On Top"
  4. "오늘 그댈 본다면 (If You Were Here)"
  5. "Love Can Make a Miracle"
  6. "집착 (Addiction)"
  7. "Freak in Me"
  8. "공중정원 (Garden in the Air)"
  9. "I Spy"
  10. "Can't Let Go"
  11. "시선 (Heroine)"
  12. "숨 (Sum... (Breathe Again))

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