EXO in a promotional still for Love Me Right - Romantic Universe
From left to right: D.O., Kai, Lay, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Chen, and Sehun
Background Information
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Genre: K-Pop, dance pop, R&B
Years Active: 2011 - present
Label: South Korea:
S.M. Entertainment
KT Music
Avex Trax
Avex Taiwan
Media Asia
Associated Acts: SMTOWN
Members: EXO-K:

EXO (/ˌɛks ˈoʊ/ EKS-oh; Korean: 엑소) is a multi-national Korean/Mandarin pop boy group split into two sub-units: EXO-K and EXO-M (with "K" and "M" referring to Korean and Mandarin languages).

Initially debuting as a 12 member group, the group is currently composed on nine active members.



Lee Soo Man, the CEO of SM Entertainment thought of having a group that could sing songs in Korean and Mandarin back in 2011 at a Hallyu business seminar. In December 2011, EXO was finalised and performed at the annual SBS Gayo Daejun.

Debut: Prologue singles 'What Is Love', 'History' and first E.P 'MAMA'

EXO debuted with a 'prologue' single titled What is Love on January 30th 2012, with a Korean and Mandarin version available. EXO's first single hit 88th on the Gaon charts.

EXO came back with their second 'prologue' single titled History on March 9th 2012. History hit 68th on the Gaon Single charts and 6th on the Sina Music Charts.

On April 8th, EXO released their first debut single called Mama, thus releasing an EP titled as the same name the day after. EXO-M and EXO-K promoted their single in their respective countries, with EXO-K's first single performance at Inkigayo and EXO-M's first single performance at the Top Chinese Music Awards, both promoted on April 8th.

The E.P came 1st on Gaon Music Charts, 2nd on the Sina Album Charts and 8th on the Billboard World Album Charts. The music video for the title song 'Mama' reached 1st on Chinese video streaming websites, such as Tudou and Youku, whilst ranking 8th on the YouTube Global Charts.

2013: First album 'XOXO' and second E.P 'Miracles in December'

EXO's first album 'XOXO' came out on June 3rd 2013 in the respective countries, with Korean version receiving Kiss and China version receiving Hug. However, unlike the first E.P, EXO's two sub unit joined together and promoted their album mostly in South Korea. The two title songs are Growl and Wolf. On August 1st 2013, the album was re-released as Growl and contained 3 new songs. At the end of the year, Miracles in December was released as a special Christmas album.

2014: Third E.P 'Overdose', first concert and lawsuits galore

On May 7th 2014, Overdose was released after a delay due to the Sewol Ferry accident. Overdose was promoted likewise with it's first E.P, with EXO-K and EXO-M mainly focusing in their respective countries. The E.P reached 660000 preorders and peaked on the Billboard World Album charts at 2nd and coming 129th on the Billboard 200.

On May 15th 2014, Kris, the leader of EXO-M filed a lawsuit against S.M. Entertainment for a violation of Human Rights with Luhan following suit on October 10th 2014, citing reasons such as Health Issues and discrimination between other members. After these announcements, SM announced that EXO will continue promoting as a 10 member group.

On May 24th 2014, EXO had their first concert titled as 'EXO from EXOPLANET #1' at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium with tickets for the concert selling out in less than 2 seconds.

2015: Second Album 'EXODUS', second concert, Fourth E.P 'Sing For You'

The second EXO concert titled as 'EXO from EXOPLANET #2' - THE EXO'luXion was announced on January and was held in March.

The second album 'EXODUS' was released in March 30th 2015 in both respective Mandarin and Korean versions. Korean preorders for EXODUS past 500000 albums. The title song from the album named 'Call Me Baby' was released early on March 27th due to early leaks. The music video came out four days later with the Korean version having 4million views and the Mandarin version having 2million views.

EXO's first variety/drama TV show called 'EXO Next Door' airing every week exclusively on the internet on Naver TV Webcast from April 9th to May 28th.

Tao followed suit with the other EXO-M members and filed a lawsuit August 24th due to health issues.

Following suit with the first album 'XOXO', the album 'EXODUS' got repackaged as Love Me Right with the title track 'Love Me Right' and another four new songs released for the album. EXO continued to promote as a nine member group due to Tao's absence.

EXO made a debut in Japan as well, having a concert in Tokyo Dome as part of their second concert. On November 4th, EXO released a Japanese version of Love Me Right called 'Love Me Right ~romantic universe~' as well as an exclusive Japanese single called 'Drop That'. EXO reached the top of the Oricon charts, which sold a total of 147000 copies.

EXO also had a collaboration with Star Wars, seeing as Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released. On November 9th, the collaboration single Lightsaber was released.

Exclusive Japanese title track 'Drop That', Lightsaber and Call Me Baby were performed in Korean on the annual MNet Asian Music Awards.

On December 10th, EXO made a comeback with their third E.P 'Sing For You' containing title tracks 'Sing For You' and 'Unfair'.

Playable songs in Superstar SMTown

EXO K + M - December 2014 (The Winters Tale) (only Korean version available)

EXOK - Sing For You / EXOM - 为你而唱 (Sing For You)

EXOK - 12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) / EXOM - 十二月的奇迹 (Miracles in December)

EXOK - 불공평해 (Unfair) / EXOM - 偏心 (Unfair)

EXOK - Run / EXOM - Run

EXOK - 젓 눈 / EXOM - 初雪

EXOK - Thunder / EXOM - Thunder

EXOK - Lucky / EXOM - Lucky

EXOK - 중독 (Overdose) / EXOM - 上瘾 (Overdose)


EXOK - Wolf / EXOM - Wolf

EXOK - Call Me Baby / EXOM - Call Me Baby

EXOK - My turn to cry / EXOM - My turn to cry [added as Chen's choice]



EXOK - 3.6.5 / EXOM - 3.6.5

EXOK - My Lady / EXOM - My Lady

EXOK - History / EXOM - History

EXOK - LIGHTSABER / EXOM - LIGHTSABER [Mandarin version added later, beatmaps are different.]

EXOK - The Star / EXOM - The Star

EXOK - Machine / EXOM - Machine

EXOK - Growl / EXOM - Growl


* A^Kris, Luhan, and Tao are currently in a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate their contracts. Legally, they are still considered part of EXO, just inactive members.

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