"Catch Me If You Can"
Single by Girls' Generation
from Non-album
Released: April 10, 2015
Format: CD single, Digital
Recorded: 2014–15
Genre: EDM
Language: Korean
Length: 03:45
Label: S.M. Entertainment, KT Music, Universal Music Japan
Producer: Erik Lidbom, Jin Choi
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Catch Me If You Can is a single (fifteenth overall) recorded by South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation. The Korean version was released digitally online, while the Japanese version was released on April 22, 2015 as a physical CD single.

Currently, the single (Korean Version) is included in Superstar SMTOWN.


Catch Me If You Can is described as an electronic dance music (EDM) track. Meanwhile, its B-side, a song titled Girls, is a medium ballad with a contemporary melody.

Music Video

The music videos of the song Catch Me If You Can, in Korean and Japanese, were released on April 10, 2015. The two videos are nearly identical except for the lyrics and certain camera angles. This is the first time that both versions are disclosed simultaneously for the group. The videos start with flyers on a wall on which are the words Catch Me If You Can, which have also appeared in the promotion poster of the single. Then the footage of a busy city at night where plenty of the same flyers are almost ubiquitous is shown. At 00:26, the camera suddenly switches to the members in white crop tops and military pants in the daylight on what appears to be an outdoor construction site with several cranes and bulldozers in the backdrop. The prelude of the song at the same time starts, and the members then start to perform the choreography. This time the videos are distinct from the previous ones in that no individual scenes are shown, but rather the entire videos afterward are the members dancing continuously with each member in close-ups one after another. In about the middle of the choreography, the camera focuses on and follows a red helicopter that flies from behind the members to the top of the camera, and the camera then smoothly switches to the same construction site at night where members change into the neon orange outfit. The girls then continue their choreography in the outdoor set until the end of the videos.

U.S. magazine Billboard described the "powerful and sexy" choreography of the song, as seen in the music videos, as a "mind-blowing dance routine".

In June 2015, an earlier version of the music video was leaked onto the internet. The video includes Jessica and was presumably filmed before she was dismissed from the group in September 2014.