Atlantis Princess
Studio Album by BoA
Released: May 30, 2003
Recorded: 2003
Genre: K-Pop
Language: Korean
Label: S.M. Entertainment
Producer: Lee Soo-Man
BoA chronology
No. 1
My Name

Atlantis Princess is the third Korean studio album by BoA.

Currently, there is one song from the album included in Superstar SMTOWN.


Bold track titles means the track is currently playable.

  1. "Time to Begin"
  2. "아틀란티스 소녀 (Atlantis Princess)"
  3. "나무 (Tree)"
  4. "Milky Way"
  5. "천사의 숨결 (Beat of Angel)"
  6. "선물 (Gift)"
  7. "이런 내게 (Where Are You)"
  8. "단념 (Make a Move)"
  9. "사랑해요 (So Much in Love)"
  10. "남겨진 슬픔 (Endless Sorrow)"
  11. "The Show Must Go On"
  12. "서울의 빛 (The Lights of Seoul)"
  13. "서울의 빛 (The Lights of Seoul)" (English Version)
  14. "Atlantis Princess" (MV with Chinese Lyrics Subtitles) [VCD only]

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